Friday Yoga Lunches £32

Yoga Lunches

Yoga Lunches

Friday Yoga Lunches take place one Friday nearly every month. These are a wonderful opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and develop a greater sense of self through the themes applied. Lunch is prepared by Anneliese who is also a trained Chef and is passionate about preparing healthy, nutritious food.

Meet like-minded people in the heart of the countryside.
With free parking and your needs catered for this is the perfect mini retreat to kick start your weekend.
Sorry, but as food is prepared in a domestic kitchen, allergies cannot be catered for.

Dates for your dairy 2018

January 26th  11.00 - 14.00 - Cleanse
After the excesses of Christmas, this is a great opportunity to begin the process of cleansing the body. Through asana we will work our way from the ground up, getting the blood and lymphatic fluid flowing, with twists to stimulate the liver and the cleansing pranayama practice of kapalabhati. Lunch will be a variety of cleansing ingredients using organic produce where available to detoxify and energise.

February 23rd 10.00 - 12.30 - Revitalise
At this time of year we are usually desperate for sunshine and warmth to draw us out of hibernation! Through stimulating asana and pranayama we will build internal heat to revitalise the body and nervous system. Lunch will be revitalising! Menu to be confirmed.

March 23rd  10.00 - 12.30 - Spring in Your Step!
Now that spring has sprung, let's get ourselves energised. Connecting to the ground enables us to find freedom and fluidity in the space above. Working every joint in the body, this practice will move you in ways you thought impossible with plenty of variety. Lunch will be seasonal and vibrant. Menu to be confirmed.


Workshops £25

February 13th 19.00 - 21.30 Yoga for a Healthy Heart
Whether you have High or Low Blood Pressure or just want to maintain the health of your heart, this workshop will support you. We will look at heart rate variability; the heart's ability to return to a resting state after exercise. This will be through a consistent balance of strong and restful poses and the use of the breath. In order to maintain a healthy heart, we also need to address the autonomic nervous system and so through breathing techniques we will learn how to calm an excited nervous system and excite a sluggish one. The main theme flowing through will be balance with an emphasis on individual care.

April 4th 19.00 - 21.30 Twisting the Night Away
Maintaining a healthy spine requires it to be mobilised and nothing does this better than rotation. Twists also benefit the digestive system; by squeezing the organs, we stimulate them into action. Building up from gentle twists to stronger ones will also strengthen the stabilising muscles along the spine that promote good posture. Through the caring guidance of Anneliese you will work at your own pace so as to stimulate the blood flow to the spine digestive organs. Through calming pranayama we will allow the nervous system to rest and enable the process of digestion to occur, at the same time feeling calmer in the mind.

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