I found the Yoga Therapy for the Mind course incredibly helpful for helping me reduce anxiety and promote steadiness and calm in my life. The combination of yoga exercises, breathing and mindfulness techniques have left me with a life-long set of tools I can continue to use and develop. I’d thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone interested in better understanding how to develop and use mindfulness to improve the quality of their everyday lives in work and at home.
— Anon - Lewes - Yoga Therapy For The Mind
The Yoga Therapy For The Mind Course is a practical way of learning skills to deal with stress, anxiety and depression; skills that can be taken into the ‘real world’ and practised as often or as little as you’d like.
Anneliese is a fantastic leader and encourages one to explore his or her own needs whilst being attentive to the whole class. That, coupled with the fact that the space made me feel so calm, meant that I couldn’t wait to have my two hours of escape each week.
I would highly recommend this course to all who feel the need to learn a different way to cope with stress, anxiety or depression.
— Hannah - Lewes - Yoga Therapy For The Mind
I attended the Finding Space to Breathe workshop and found it an incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable experience. As an asthmatic I’ve always struggled with some poses but Anneliese really helped me to approach them in a new way. The teaching has stayed with me and benefited my ongoing practice.
— Rachel - Chailey - Workshop
Anneliese has been responsive to my somewhat raised levels of stress and introduced several movements which quickly enabled me to quieten and relax.
Her attention to my lack of core strength and potential instability in my hips was very helpful.
I find Anneliese’s observation skills and how my body responds quite remarkable. The programme I now have for home practice feels completely personalised and I am very grateful
— Polly - Newick - Private Yoga Therapy
Anneliese has a gift -
Her delivery of the Yoga Therapy for the Mind course provides a sanctuary from which to regroup yourself week by week when life’s demands are high or rising. She herself is poise and calm personified, her teaching is clear, kind and digestible and being in her studio is a gorgeous retreat. I emerged calmer and more balanced, as well as skilled-up with new self-care tools that make complete sense and that are helpful every day. I’m going back for more and I highly recommend her.
— Mother of three teenagers juggling family and work - Lewes - Yoga Therapy For The Mind
I have enjoyed the whole course from start to finish. At first I thought two hours would feel too long but it goes very quickly. I am surprised at what I can already do and how refreshed I feel afterwards and ready to face the day.
— Sarah (Beginner) - Lewes - Yoga Development Course
Anneliese; if you haven’t already done so you should definitely be using your voice for hypnotherapy/voice overs etc. Extremely hypnotic and calming. Wonderfully relaxing classes.
— Anon - Lewes - Yoga Development Course
I always wanted to be able to do my own daily yoga practice at home and well as my weekly class. However I lacked the confidence and knowledge to put a daily practice together, especially as I wanted to improve my core and flexibility. In the Yoga Development Course I learned how to focus on my goals. The biggest benefit I gained from completing the course was the confidence to take my practice to the next level. I can’t wait for the second course!
— Martina - Scaynes Hill - Yoga Development Course
Absolutely wonderful, life enhancing in so many respects... I had suffered with problems in my knees for many years and this had greatly restricted the amount of time that I could pursue my love of sports. My knee problems have completely disappeared as a result of regular yoga classes and I am able to play as much sport now that I could possibly wish for, without any pain or discomfort.
I have learnt how to breathe with less effort and I use the techniques that I have learnt to bring much peace and calm to both my working day and home life. I cannot recommend or endorse Anneliese highly enough”
— Shaun - Kingston - Private Yoga Client
Listening to the birds, watching the wildlife and looking at the sun shining through the trees is the perfect setting for me to totally absorb myself in yoga. I encourage anyone to take the time to experience the beautiful and peaceful location that is Birchwood Yoga.
— Sue - Kingston - Private Yoga Client
Anneliese is considered in everything she says and does, explaining with great care and clarity how each movement and position should be achieved and how it might make you feel. Even Anneliese’s voice has a calming timbre to it. She is also very personable and really takes the time to listen to and observe each student as an individual.
— Natalia - Firle - Weekly Classes
Forget the books and the birth plans, all you need for a positive birth experience is Anneliese. Combining yoga, breathing and meditation, the prenatal classes taught me how to find and harness an inner power I didn’t know I had. I discovered how to make my body and mind work together, rather than fight or frighten one another.
The classes may be prenatal but what you learn stays with you long after your pregnancy. When my son is crying I use the same humming breath to settle him that I used during his birth.
Everything I learnt made the pain manageable so that I didn’t even realise I was in labour! When things did start to intensify, I felt so calm and in control that nobody believed me when I said the baby was imminent. At not point did I think ‘I can’t do this.
While labour may be one of the most uncontrollable events in your life, you can control how you physically and mentally prepare for it which can only have a positive knock-on effect. You can’t plan the perfect birth but you can equip yourself to better manage whatever experience is thrown at you.
— Holly - Barcombe - Private Pregnancy Yoga
The Yoga Development Course has been a real journey to discover how important it is to take some time; however little, to focus on yourself for a greater awareness in everyday life.
— Sarah-Jane (Beginner) - Lewes - Yoga Development Course
This course has been a very good re-introduction to yoga after a break from practicing.
— Anon - Lewes - Yoga Development Course
I’ve really enjoyed the course and would definitely be interested in developing my practice further with another course. Even after just six weeks I feel more confident that I can practice at home, even if it is just 5 minutes of breathing and stretching to keep me calm and focussed before an exam!
— Helena (Beginner) - Lewes - Yoga Development Course