Sunday Morning Stress Busting Sessions

These are an opportunity for you to de-stress in the tranquility of Birchwood Yoga's beautiful rural studio. In order to rid the body of stress hormones, we need to do strong work but we also need to address the exhaustion that stress can generate. We therefore practice strong asana in conjunction with restorative practices and breathing techniques, teaching the nervous system that it can return to a feeling of calm after stress.

Dates as follows:
Sunday 2nd December - Silent Retreat
Sunday 6th January 2019
Sunday 3rd February
Sunday 3rd March
Sunday 7th April
Sunday 5th May

The Stress Busting Sessions at Birchwood Yoga are an amazing way to get some space and balance. I find the breathing practices especially useful - something I can use in any situation to help find calm. You come away with a deep feeling of relaxation throughout your mind and body. I would recommend it to anyone.
— Julie-Anne

Stress Busting Workshop at Uckfield Yoga - 24th November 14.00 - 16.-00

Cultivate a sense of spaciousness in mind and body through reconnecting to the ground and deepening the breath. Leave feeling calm and restored.


Well-being at Menopause  -  2019

Menopause does not have to be complicated or unpleasant. In the past, women did not even realise they were going through menopause until they no longer menstruated. Today, because of life's stresses, menopause tends to cause suffering for many women but this does not have to be the case.

A series of collaborative workshops is being planned for 2019 with your well-being at heart. It is not too early to begin taking care of yourself in preparation for menopause to make for a comfortable transition through this stage of life.

Through multi-disciplinary practices such as yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and natural health, the aim of these workshops is to educate and provide skills to empower you to continue to enjoy life.

Read my blog on 3 ways to sail through menopause.