Workshops 2019

Menopause with Grace

A series of collaborative workshops is being planned for 2019 with your well-being at heart. It is never too early or too late to begin taking care of yourself in preparation for menopause, to make for a comfortable transition through this stage of life.

Through multi-disciplinary practices such as yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and natural health, as well as skin care and makeup, the aim of these workshops is to educate and provide skills to empower you to continue to enjoy and embrace mid-life with confidence.

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Nutrition and Yoga to address Stress Relief at Menopause
Why stress management is an important consideration in menopause and how to feel calmer in
your body and mind.


Saturday March 9th 2-5 p.m at Soulfit in Lewes

With Nutritional Therapist Lorna Driver-Davies and Anneliese Wells

Peri-menopause and menopause can be a time when our experience of stress (physically and mentally) is heightened. Research has shown that common menopausal symptoms may be amplified in women who experience stress. Stress is not always what we think it classically to be. For example, lack of ‘quiet time’, eating poorly or not getting enough sleep can be ‘stressful’ for the body. Overall, in a phase of hormone transition, there is a greater need to take care of ourselves by incorporating stress management techniques into our lives.

Lorna Driver-Davies will be educating on how nutrition, botanicals and lifestyle can support this life stage - physically and mentally. She will be specifically focusing on the effects of stress and how this can increase unwanted symptoms and create other 'after-effects' specific to this hormone-shift life stage. It will be an opportunity to see how you can take steps to make changes to avoid stress and how to cushion the effects when it is sometimes unavoidable.

Anneliese Wells will take you through a balanced Yoga and Mindfulness practice that will bring relief from stress. Whilst strong poses help metabolise stress hormones, gentle poses with deep breathing bring relief from physical tension and allow the body to enter the relaxation response. Mindfulness practices can help women to accept the challenges they face and develop self compassion to better cope with stress.

Yoga and nutrition are the perfect partners. This workshop aims to help you see how you can incorporate a fusion of support into your life, to nurture and rebalance.