Workshops 2019

Menopause with Grace

A series of collaborative workshops is being planned for 2019 with your well-being at heart. It is never too early or too late to begin taking care of yourself in preparation for menopause, to make for a comfortable transition through this stage of life.

Through multi-disciplinary practices such as yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and natural health, as well as skin care and makeup, the aim of these workshops is to educate and provide skills to empower you to continue to enjoy and embrace mid-life with confidence.

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Nutrition and Yoga to address Stress Relief at Menopause
Why stress management is an important consideration in menopause and how to feel calmer in your body and mind.


Saturday March 9th 2-5 p.m at Soulfit in Lewes

With Nutritional Therapist Lorna Driver-Davies and Anneliese Wells

Peri-menopause and menopause can be a time when our experience of stress (physically and mentally) is heightened. Research has shown that common menopausal symptoms may be amplified in women who experience stress. Stress is not always what we think it classically to be. For example, lack of ‘quiet time’, eating poorly or not getting enough sleep can be ‘stressful’ for the body. Overall, in a phase of hormone transition, there is a greater need to take care of ourselves by incorporating stress management techniques into our lives.

Lorna Driver-Davies will be educating on how nutrition, botanicals and lifestyle can support this life stage - physically and mentally. She will be specifically focusing on the effects of stress and how this can increase unwanted symptoms and create other 'after-effects' specific to this hormone-shift life stage. It will be an opportunity to see how you can take steps to make changes to avoid stress and how to cushion the effects when it is sometimes unavoidable.

Anneliese Wells will take you through a balanced Yoga and Mindfulness practice that will bring relief from stress and teach you take away skills to help you manage stress. Whilst strong poses help metabolise stress hormones, gentle poses with focussed breathing bring relief from physical and mental tension and allow the body to enter the relaxation response. Mindfulness practices can help women to accept the challenges they face and develop self compassion to better cope with stress.

Yoga and nutrition are the perfect partners. This workshop aims to help you see how you can incorporate a fusion of support into your life, to nurture and rebalance.


A Smooth Transition
Minimise future problems before, utilise practical strategies during peri-menopause and improve hormonal balance and well-being post-menopause.


Sunday 26th May 10 - 1

With Homeopath, Practitioner of Natural Medicine, Health Coach, and Family Constellations Facilitator, Naphia Reggiani and Anneliese Wells

Deepen your understanding of the factors that impact your health during this time and their causes. Find your way more easily through the maze of often contradictory heath advice. Discover practical ways to protect your well-being drawing on the knowledge of naturopathic medicine, yoga and mindfulness.

Changes in oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.
Menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, dryness, flooding, weight gain, slow metabolism, loss of libido, hormone-related anxiety/depression/mood swings.
Adrenal, thyroid and other endocrine imbalances.
Digestive problems and gut bacteria imbalance.
Unresolved trauma – physical or emotional.

"Naphia’s Menopause Workshop changed my life for the better. Her huge experience and advice has been so helpful in understanding how our bodies change and it’s not all bad news. I’d very much advise you to attend.”  JoJo B.

Anneliese’s yoga class will focus around pranayama that you can use daily to restore balance to the body; in particular the nervous system which works very closely to the endocrine (hormone) system. You will practice poses that help kick start the cleansing process and learn how to address overwhelm.

We hope to skill you with knowledge and give you options from which to chose your pathway to a smoother transition through menopause.


A Time of Healthy Change
How to make the most of your menopausal transition; working in harmony with natural cycles.


Saturday 15th June 10 - 1

With Western Medical Herbalist and Storyteller Kym Murden
and Anneliese Wells

Making the most of your menopausal transition can seem like a challenge in our western culture that likes to medicalise and pathologise every stage of women's natural life cycles. In this workshop you will be empowered to work in harmony with the natural cycles of your body and life. In Celtic traditions menopausal women were seen to carry the knowledge and wisdom that resources all life. For many of our mothers and grandmothers the menopause what labelled as ‘The Change’ which resonates with the acknowledgement it is one of our initiatory rites - indeed many of would say it is when women move into their most fulfilling and powerful years.

From a traditional herbalist & storyteller’s perspective we shall explore:

What your body undergoes from a biological and physiological perspective while weaving what that means on an emotional and soul level. Untangle some of the negative marketing and medical narratives about menopause and reconnect with what empowers us, individually and collectively.
What to expect during the menopause; what is ‘normal’, how to recognise imbalances and what can be done to address them.
What can help or hinder in terms of stress, diet and lifestyle choices, with a focus on herbal preparations you can make at home.
Information on how to support your health now with regard to longer term well-being in your ‘elder years’.

From a yogic perpective we shall address some of the physical challenges of the meonpausal years and how to adapt poses to suit. As modern women, we tend to grasp at the pleasant, ignore the neutral and repel the unpleasant which perpetuates our struggles in life. We will seek to Let Go; cultivating Non-Attachment and instead acknowledging the arising and passing of experience at this time of change.

This workshop will be a mix of practical and creative ways to support the years of menopause that honours the power that comes with this time and beyond. We hope very much that you leave with confidence in yourself, knowing you will be leading the way for the women who follow; whether younger family members, friends or colleagues.