Love Lewes Podcast

I was recently interviewed on the deck of my studio for the Love Lewes Podcast.  It was a beautiful day, the birds were singing and four of us sat around a table having a chat. Beth Miller and Mark Bridge; the Love Lewes Podcast team, myself and Simon; the organiser of the Joy Festival that takes place on June 25th and 26th in Lewes.

One of the first questions we were asked was what our favourite location or landmark in the area was, other than Lewes itself. I had to admit to a love of the Downs, particularly Blackcap to which I walk regularly with Purdy, my little chocolate labrador. I say little because she is rather dainty!

One of my reasons for taking part in and sponsoring the podcast this month was to implore the general public to leave urban life and come over to the beautiful setting of Birchwood Yoga for a class, course or event. The studio really is in a lovely situation; nestled into a copse at the end of our garden. At this time of year you cannot see our home from the studio; just trees and plants and wildlife. I sometimes use the sounds around the studio to meditate upon or bring people out of relaxation. At the moment there is a particularly frantic squirrel who dashes across the deck to hide his stash! And we were being watched by a baby rabbit in class recently. It won't be long before the coot who lives on the pond, brings her young into the flower bed to forage for food. And you must take a look on my Facebook page at the video of the cock pheasant who is convinced his own reflection is that of another male! He comes charging down the path only to find he is unable to attack his enemy, but he has a good go! 

I use the podcast to explain the purpose of the Yoga Therapy For The Mind course in particular.    So if you are interested; have read the content of the course on the COURSES page of the website but still want to know more; listen to the podcast and allow me to explain.

The final question we were asked about was what we were looking forward to in June. Sadly I am rather glued to the farm! Life here is quite idyllic. I have my own space in which to practice yoga and mindfulness meditation. I am surrounded by countryside in which to walk Purdy and I have two busy teenagers who often need ferrying around. Aside from teaching, I spend a lot of time planning; classes, new courses and events. I am just getting organised to write regular Blog posts, as  well as Instagram and Facebook posts too. So I don't get much time to myself to go out and enjoy what the local towns have to offer. But life is good here at Burtenshaw Farm, so I am not complaining. But if you do want to know what's happening in and around Lewes; is a good place to find out.

The studio is tranquility itself. It was built by my husband; Dan Wells who is a professional builder. He built both the studio and our house so take a good look if you are considering an extension or a garden studio or office. I may be biased but he is pretty darn good!