Falling Off The Yoga Wagon.

Recently I lost my way. Since hitting peri-menopause my sleep has been erratic. I say hitting because it felt like I awoke one morning with the arrival of host of symptoms. But in realty peri-menopause can start in your early to mid 40’s which is what happened to me with disturbed sleep.

The outcome was that my yoga and meditation practice was not my main priority on the days following a dreadful night. If I don’t practice first thing, I often won’t (other than in the summer when the warm sun invites me onto my mat at any time of day).

Around the same time, my business grew and I spent more time on my computer writing blogs, newsletters, social media posts, planning and so on and I had what I saw as less time available.

My ideal day starts around 6am with a cup of hot water and lemon. I step onto my mat and do anything between 30 and 60 minutes of yoga with some pranayama which forms my meditation practice. I then have breakfast, wash and make up and I’m ready for the day.

But after a bad night’s sleep, I cannot get out of bed early enough to fit my practice in and so as the title of my post indicates, I fell off the wagon! I lost some of the connection to my Self.

A few months ago when my family had a traumatic experience, my mental illness was instantly triggered, I was jumpy, suffering from anxiety, hiding myself away and not coping with any stress no matter how small. My sleep got even worse and my practice almost disappeared.

It was when furthering my training on Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue that I received a wake up call. The reality was, I was stressed, burnt out and chronically fatigued. I realised I’d better do something or I was in danger of severe illness and I wouldn’t be able to work.

I actually began my morning practice whilst still in bed. This helped wake me up gently and to begin with was all I could do. A short while later, I spent just 10 minutes on my mat. My practice slowed right down. It was grounding, soothing, nourishing and very gentle and soon I began to feel better such that I can now spend up to an hour practicing. The speed at which I recovered astonished me.

I had forgotten the power that yoga and meditation has over ones state of mind and wellbeing. You have to experience it to understand. But my mind and body had the memory installed; they urged me on. It has renewed my passion, stoked my fire, filled me with vigour and excitement for life.

Many of you probably don’t have a home practice. But for me, yoga is a way of life. It is essential for my wellbeing. When I slow down, life speeds up. I get more done because I have the head space for it. My brain fog has improved and life is good again.

Falling off the yoga wagon was a message to make me appreciate and fall in love with yoga and meditation again from my own personal, spiritual perspective.

I highly recommend a daily practice. I’m here to help. With private tuition, we can cultivate a practice that will give you the tools you need to get started and continue with a new lifestyle!